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  • DLT 벽 제어반 ulti 4 버튼 DLT Wallplates
    Schneider Electric’s DLT Wall Switches feature “Dynamic Labeling Technology”, providing labels that show what each button does. What’s more they change automatically to indicate the status of 
    whatever they are controlling, such as different radio stations, light levels, even if your alarm is 
    armed or not. A Wiser home is an easy home!
    • DLT 벽 제어반 ulti 4 버튼
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  • ULTI Range 유리 컬러 터치스크린 Wall-mount touch screens ULTI는 공간 설계의 고급화를 위한 제품입니다. 깔끔한 라인과 매끈하고 세련된 정사각형 디자인, 쉽게 눈에 띄는 원형 돌리를 채택한 ULTI는 두 가지 상반된 형태를 혼합하여 지금껏 볼 수 없었던 참신하고 단순한 디자인으로 탄생했습니다. 또한 다양한 색상과 소재로 선택의 범위를 넓혔으며, 표준 크기의 콘센트에 사용할 수 있습니다.
    • ULTI Range 유리 컬러 터치스크린
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  • 奥智 Zigbee 5场景手持遥控器 Scene Control Systems Scene control systems are used to control different light sources simultaneously, allowing different combinations of light sources to be switched on or off to the pre-set brightness. You can recall your pre-set scenes at one-touch of a button with wireless control available. There are two types of scene control systems: the 2-wire TruRetrofit that directly replaces the existing 2-wire mechanical switches, offering scene control without the hassle of rewiring; and the interoperable control system that suit situations where the whole house rewiring is done, providing more scene options and compatible with upgrades to home control system.