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    Building Management Services

    Increase performance, efficiency and reliability

    • Your Building's Future Starts Today

      Our Building Management Services encompass a wide range of industry-leading onsite and remote connected services to increase building performance, efficiency and reliability. Bring your building into the future with a trusted advisor today.

    • Smart Building Services Plans

      State of the art service plans that maintain the balance between cost, risk and asset value. Providing complete transparency, a proactive approach and responsive support, Smart Building Service Plans are our solution to your changing needs.

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      Our Building Management Service Solutions

      Best-in-class people, processes and technology

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • 서비스 아이콘 Trusted advisor Single source for maintenance and energy afficiency services making planning and budgeting easier.
      • Earth icon Local Expertise Backed By Global Support Our expansive network of 6,000engineers worldwide ensure we will always be there to support you.

      Put our experience to work for you.

      • SE 기본 아이콘 Find out how Schneider Electric Building Services can make a difference for your facility.
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