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    Advanced Video Analytics and Security

    Protection of mission critical assets, both from security surveillance and operational monitoring perspectives.

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    내부와 외부에서 주요 파라메터를 모니터링하는 기능의 부재는 업계 내에서 지속적인 과제였습니다. 슈나이더 일렉트릭은 감시 및 운영 모니터링을 위해 강력한 연중무휴 솔루션을 제공하며 모든 유형의 시설에 필요한 안전성, 규정 및 예방적 유지보수를 해결합니다.
    • 가치 제안

      Schneider Electric's robust thermal and thermography solutions allow for:

      • Integration into various backend systems (VMS, SCADA, HMI, PLC).
      • Protection of mission critical assets from both security surveillance and operational monitoring perspectives.
      • Advanced analytic engine of sending data that can be utilized for trending analysis of key data points, as well as alarms for both parameter and equipment breaches.
      • The ability to send data and/or video to the headend systems, allowing for coverage in low bandwidth situations.
    • 차별화

      Schneider Electric's infrared thermal and thermography solutions are the only ones that allow for:

      • Third-party integration.
      • Advanced video analytics, that do not require a license fee.
      • Ability to stream data, and video with embedded data.