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    Intelligent control for Oil & Gas operations

    From the most basic application to the highly complex project, Schneider Electric is committed to your success in the pumping and control marketplace.

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    에너지 수요가 늘어나고 환경 및 안전 규정은 오일 및 가스 산업에 점점 더 영향을 크게 미치는 상황에서는 에너지 효율적인 운영과 유지보수 비용 절감이 핵심입니다. 에너지 및 원자재 비용이 증가하고 있으며 숙련된 직원 수는 감소하고 있습니다. 순수익을 보호하면서 안전성, 보안, 신뢰성을 보장하려면 자산을 모니터링, 제어, 최적화하는 지능형 솔루션이 필요합니다.
    • 솔루션

      When you’re concerned about energy efficiency, pump controls design, specification processes or meeting your project deadlines, Schneider-Electric has solutions which meet or exceed the competitive market requirements.

      • Reduced energy and maintenance cost.
      • Optimized machines.
      • Quicker time to market.
      • Compliance with global standards.
      • Global and local services and support capabilities.
    • 가치 제안

      Typically 60% of consumed electricity is used to turn motors, and 63% of this energy is utilized within applications such as pumps and fans. Many of these devices are driven by simple motor starter solutions. This means that the motor runs at full speed, even when lower levels of flow are required. Often, inefficient throttling or control methods are used and energy consumption remains high. Schneider-Electric pumping solutions are designed to minimize cost and maximize production.

      • Reliable
      • Energy-efficient
      • Modular and adaptable
      • Innovative
      • Open
      • Environmentally compliant
    • 차별화

      What can we do for you?

      • Reduce your machine’s time-to market by using pre-engineered solutions and save up to 50% of design and installation time.
      • Increase machine performance with innovative solutions, pumping application functions and energy efficient drive technology and save up to 30% of typical machine energy consumption cost.
      • Provide advanced diagnostic and remote monitoring capabilities for more effective maintenance, to increase overall asset uptime, and to maximize production.
      • Provide a single point of contact and responsibility as the sole supplier for a complete solution.
      • Provide a vast distribution network to ensure product availability.
      • Leverage cross-segment synergies (Commercial Building, W/WW, Consultants, Oil and Gas, SI/CPB and OEM).
    Fuel storage


    Schneider Electric is your partner for intelligent, energy efficient pumping solutions across all major industries (onshore and offshore oil and gas, commercial buildings, water distribution, and waste water)


    • refinery pipes in the sunlight, energy management

      Smart pump solutions
      • Extend pump life.
      • Reduce maintenance costs.
      • Maximize production uptime.
    • Refinery illuminated at night, energy management

      Reduce energy consumption.
    • Compliance and Regulations

      Meet energy reporting criteria as stipulated by governmental regulation.