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    SmartStruxure™ Solution and StruxureWare™ Building Operation software.

    Enterprise Solutions to Manage and Control Your Facility

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    SmartStruxure 솔루션 - 최적화된 빌딩 성능을 위한 사용자 친화적 통합 솔루션 순수익에 대한 책임이 점점 더 증가함에 따라 기업 빌딩 관리자는 에너지 소비를 최적화하고 노후한 시설을 업데이트하며 빌딩 정보에 접근할 수 있도록 해주는 빌딩 관리 시스템을 필요로 합니다.

    A Single Solution for Your Complex Needs

    A Single Solution for Your Complex Needs
    • Value Proposition

      SmartStruxure solution, powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software, facilitates the exchange and analysis of data from energy, lighting, fire safety and HVAC.
    • Differentiation

      SmartStruxure solution is a complete integrated solution from Schneider Electric that includes our own hardware and software combined with engineering, installation and services that make buildings smarter, efficient and sustainable, to help you save up to 30% of your energy costs. Future proof your BMS with the latest features and advanced technologies from Schneider Electric.
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    Going Beyond Traditional Building Management Systems

    Simplify day-to-day operations. Optimize your buildings with engineering efficiencies and user-friendly functionality, like drag-and-drop trending, one-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like scheduling, and easy-to-use alarms. Personalize your workspace. The attractive, modern user interface can be organized by individual users to suit their needs, and these preferences follow them regardless of where they log in. Manage access to information at the job function or individual level for added security and accountability. Access information anytime, anywhere. A fully functioning user interface operates on a standard web browser for access to information 24/7. Robust mobile apps provide portable user interface to view information and manage facilities on the go.


    • 종양 환자를 위한 튜멘의 방사선 센터, 러시아, 스마트 빌딩
      • Manage system performance across your entire enterprise in a single interface
      • Attractive user interface and features: graphics, trends, reports, schedule and alarm features
    • 태블릿 컴퓨터를 손에 든 회사원, 흐릿한 배경, 현대적인 비즈니스 빌딩
      • Freedom of choice with embedded open protocols; ease of integration with third parties and existing systems
      • Easy to use; localize and customize to different users and geographies
    • 빅 데이터 분석이 표시된 태블릿을 보고 있는 남성, 위쪽으로 이동하는 그래프 결과, 빅 데이터 분석
      • Convenient anywhere, anytime access to building information via mobile devices
    • 지속 가능성 보고를 검토하고 있는 남성, 여러 컴퓨터 화면에 표시된 빅 데이터 분석
      • Easily turn massive amounts of building data into actionable intelligence with out-of-the-box reporting and trending tools. Dashboards allow you to visualize enterprise efficiency and engage building occupants in energy awareness efforts. Gain additional insights with our predictive maintenance (MSaaS and SaaS) services
    • 컴퓨터 작업 중인 남녀 직장 동료, 지속 가능성 컨설팅
      • Modernize and prepare your BMS for the future. Unique, scalable architecture provides native open protocols and support for LON®, BACnet®, Modbus® and Web Services for seamless integration with existing and emerging technologies and third party systems
    • 미래의 그린 시티, 스마트 시티, 스마트 빌딩
      • Monitor and manage your building’s performance on one network – across your enterprise. Easily incorporate data from outside your building, such as weather and utility costs, to further ensure your building runs at maximum efficiency