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PowerLogic PM5000 series

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PowerLogic PM5000 series
  • 기능

    PowerLogic PM5000 series power meters are the new benchmark in affordable, precision metering. They are ideal for high-end cost management applications, and provide the measurement and accuracy capabilities (Class 0.2S (PM5500 models) and 0.5S (PM5100, PM5300 models) for active energy metering to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pin-point energy savings, optimize equipment efficiency and utilization, and perform a high level assessment of the power quality in an electrical network.

    • Accuracy class 0.2S (PM5500 models) and 0.5S (PM5100, PM5300 models) for active energy metering
    • Compliance to regulations EN50470-1/3 (MID), IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
    • BTL-approved BACnet/IP protocol (PM5500 models) simplify meter integration into new or existing BMS systems
    • ModBus TCP and BACnet IP protocols (PM5500 models) allow more than one system to communicate with the same meter at the same time.
    • Dual Ethernet ports (PM5500 models) to daisy chain meters together - less wiring, simpler installation
    • Ethernet-to-serial gateway functionality
    • Onboard web pages (PM5500 models) for viewing real-time and logged information
    • Cyber security enhancements to help ensure data integrity
    • Data logging (PM5300, PM5500 models) locally in non-volatile memory ensures that information is not lost during a power or communications outage
    • Multiple tariffs (PM5300, PM5500 models) give you flexibility in your billing structure
    • Individual harmonics in addition to THD and TDD to help locate the source of disturbances
    • Graphical display with intuitive menu-driven navigation means information is easy to locate and read (optional remote display for PM5563 meters)
    • Compact design, two clips for mounting
    • 4 current inputs (PM5500 models)
    • Extended voltage range (direct connection up to 690 V L-L)
    • Real-time clock with battery back up

    Meter comparison chart


    For end users:
    • Comprehensive, consistent and superior performance with compliance to international metering standard IEC 61557
    • Precision metering & sub-billing thanks to energy metering compliance to IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S to 0.2S
    • Help save on energy costs through demand logging with timestamp, alarms and relays
    • Billing flexibility with compliance to MID and support for up to 8 different tariffs
    • Improve electrical network management with power quality analysis features
    • Ease of use with intuitive menu-driven navigation and support for 8 different languages
    • Complete WAGES monitoring due to 4 Digital Inputs & 2 Digital outputs (solid state)
    • Seamless integration with EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert software (formerly known as StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert)
    For panel builders
    • Ease of installation thanks to numerous design features means less time to install and more savings
    • Ease of programming due to an enhanced, intuitive, menu-driven graphical user-interface
    • Cost effectiveness for the price sensitive panel builder, as a single product or product family can meet the majority of requirements
    • Aesthetically pleasing offer to help boost the panel builders’ image and reputation
    • Simplified ordering for a comprehensive set of features in the best combinations - no feature overlap with option modules
    For system integrators
    • Ease of integration into larger systems and solutions with dual Ethernet and proper protocols, thus saving them time (and money)
    • Ease of setup thanks to the intuitive menu navigation on the graphical display, including phasor wiring validation, and onboard web pages
    • Cost effectiveness since a single product (or product family) that can meet the majority of system requirements

    적용 분야

    PowerLogic PM5000 series power meters are capable of essential cost management applications:
    • Cost allocation to aggregate energy consumption of all utilities (i.e., WAGES) and allocate costs per area, per usage, per shift, or per time within the same facility
    • Sub billing to charge tenants for individually measured utility (i.e., WAGES) usage
    • Bill checking to verify that the utility only charged for actual energy usage
    These meters are also ideal for sub-metering applications, as the meters track real-time power conditions and monitor control functions, provide basic power quality values, and monitor equipment and network status in an effort to increase network reliability and power availability.